Orange Amps

I'm Not Afraid Of The Price I'll Pay, I Won't Lye Down As You Walk Away

Atlanta based musician grew up south of downtown Atlanta, and little 5 points area.
A town called jonesboro ga.
Played in several bands as the lead guitarist, and rhythm player.

My Gear

Instrument of choice..


Playing guitar for 16 yrs im currently with Legion X, HellBent, and Die Once.

Current Albums

Legion X....3, Demonic hour, Beat By Nothing, Bloodrust
Hellbent.....2, There will be violence, The American Demise
Die Once....1, (not released) Sacrifice.


Featured artist, collaboration/studio:
Solo guest spot with Ryan Rubble Barber, Requiem 5, of 10. Progressive, Power
Kyle Morrison Lovely, Guest solo spot, Mountains of Woe, Piano Metal, Classical, Progressive, Power.

Assistant to Slaughter Que, BBQ Event, concert promotions, bldg, electrical, stage handling, local acts support, and event planning, sponsorship, performer.

Pathfinder Promotions, Assistant to Owner Hoyt Paris, stage handling guitar back lining, promotions, local act networking, sponsor, and performer.